About Educatia

About Educatia

About Educatia

Successful learning. Tips and tricks on how to learn more in less time with innovative way tailored to your age, abilities and expectations.


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Educatia – successful learning. was once just an idea how to combine results from psychological experiments into tips and tricks on how to learn more in less time. With innovative approach tailored to your age, abilities and expectations we were able to create something extra ordinary.

We were psychologically diagnosing children with behavioral problems when we noticed that if we change our approach, the behavioral problems may disappear. Therefore, we gathered all available information from verified psychological experiments, combined it and transcribed into a language which could even children understand.

The reason for that was really simple. Children, despite their level of intelligence, tend to lean to simple ways how to understand and “repair” their problems. Especially, kids with behavioral problems need specific instructions for making things work.

The results were astonishing. Even children who were usually failing in school, in relationships with parents, teachers or even other kids, started see the difference in quality of their behavior. This resulted in change of approach to almost everything. That also includes setting up the goals, following them and making their life worth much better than ever before.

From this little unplanned experiment we were able to create universal set of tools – The Educatia, that shows how to learn the correct way. So the Educatia – successful learning is the first, the most efficient and the most simple series of tips and tricks from psychology research that shows how to learn more in less time. Even though that this system is globally universal, it is also fully customizable whether user is young, old,  gifted or average people.


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