FAQ – frequently asked questions

FAQ – frequently asked questions

What is Educatia?

Educatia – successful learning is system that teaches how to learn the correct way.

What offers Educatia?

Educatia offers learning tools (books, organizers, online learning system, posts, quizzes) and other additional products.

Are Educatia products safe for environment?

Educatia prioritizes natural and local made materials that are safe for environment.

Where are Educatia products made?

Majority of Educatia products are made in Slovakia / Europe only.

Who can join Educatia’s online learning system or buy Educatia’s products?

All products from Educatia as well as Educatia’s online learning system are available for everyone from any part of the world. However students from partner schools as well as individuals who join the Educatia’s online learning system have 50% discount on learning materials.

What return and refund policy uses Educatia?

Educatia as Europe based business conforms to actual norms and laws of European Union.

Does Educatia offer affiliate partnership for individuals?

Yes. Educatia offers affiliate partnership based on individual agreement with person willing to participate.